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October 24 – November 3, 2015

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Day 1 – International Travel


Arrival Experience Israel Tour 2015Day 2 – Welcome to the Land of Israel


Arrival at Ben-Gurion International Airport. Reception, assistance, and a beautiful drive north to our hotel by the Lake of Galilee. Check in, orientation, and settle in for a good night’s rest. You are in good hands.

The Sea of Galilee Experience Israel Tour 2015Day 3 – New Testament sites around the Lake of Galilee


Beginning our journey, we will explore the region where the Lord Jesus lived, walked and worked many of His miracles. Traveling to New Testament sites around the Lake of Galilee, we’ll visit Capernaum where the Lord anchored His Galilean ministry to see Peter’s home and the ancient synagogue. Continuing on, we’ll visit the Mt. of Beatitudes, Tabgha where the miracle of the fish and the loaves took place, the village of Magdala (Mary’s home) and enjoy a boat ride across the Lake of Galilee before the sunset. Dinner and rest.

Cliffs of Arbel Experience Israel Tour 2015Day 4 – Baptism Service, Arbel Cliffs and Biblical Experiences at Kfar Kedem


Traveling south along the beautiful western coast of the Lake of Galilee we’ll share a baptism service at the Jordan River (for those interested) with worship and the Word. Ascending up the mountains to 700 feet above the Sea of Galilee, we’ll explore the spectacular Cliffs of Arbel which provide a panoramic view stretching from the Golan Heights to the Jordan Valley along the famous “Jesus Trail,” the very site of the final Roman victory over the first century Hasmonean Zealots. From there we’ll continue to Kfar Kedem in the heart of the Galilee for a hands-on experience of daily biblical life. You will be transported back in time to the roots of our biblical heritage as you ride the donkey as Father Abraham did, take in the scents that Jacob smelled tending Laban’s flocks, and hear the words of the prophets come alive as you thresh grain, press oil and make wine.

Armageddon Experience Israel Tour 2015Day 5 – Armageddon, Mt. Carmel, Caesarea, & Jerusalem


Departing from the Galilee and traveling west, we’ll explore the archeological and prophetic location of Armageddon (Har Meggido in Hebrew) at the heart of the Jezre’el valley, the site of the final judgment of the nations. From there we’ll ascend Mount Carmel, overseeing the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea and the port City of Haifa, to the summit where the Prophet Elijah confronted Baal’s prophets and called on the God who answered by fire. There we will worship with Israeli Messianic Believers. Traveling south through the Coastal Highway, the ancient Via Maris, to Caesarea, we will visit the restored Roman Theatre of this incredible City and start our ascent through the Judean hill country to Jerusalem. Our day will culminate with a celebration entry into the City of Jerusalem, followed by dinner and rest.

 Jerusalem, the City of Gold Experience Israel Tour 2015Day 6 – Jerusalem, the City of Gold


We will begin our day ascending the Mount of Olives for a panoramic view of the city that Jesus wept over, looking over Temple Mt. where sacrifices were offered to God. Continuing on to the Garden of Gethsemane, we will take time for prayer among the ancient olive groves of the Kidron valley. During the afternoon we will walk the narrow alleyways of Old Jerusalem and share Communion & worship at the Garden Tomb. Return to our hotel for dinner & rest.

the Dead Sea Experience Israel Tour 2015Day 7 – The Dead Sea, Ein Gedi Oasis & Masada


Traveling south from Jerusalem through the Judean wilderness by Jericho and the famous Qumran caves, we’ll arrive at the Dead Sea, earth’s lowest point, to enjoy the dramatic landscape and swim (float actually) in the mineral rich waters. We will hike through David’s desert oasis of Ein Gedi and ascend by cable car to Masada, Israel’s ancient freedom fortress, for an unforgettable afternoon. Return to Jerusalem for dinner and rest.

Jerusalem New and Old Experience Israel Tour 2015Day 8 – Jerusalem, New & Old


Our morning starts at the famous Israel Museum which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls, other national treasures, and the model replica of ancient Jerusalem. Continuing, we’ll visit the Holocaust “Yad Vashem” memorial. From there, we will enter the Old City through the Zion Gate, explore the archaeological garden from the times of Jesus at the Davidson Center, and continue on to the Western Wall for prayer. Afternoon visit in Bethlehem, and return to our hotel for dinner and rest.

The Road to Emmaus Experience Israel Tour 2015Day 9 – Emmaus Road, Tel Aviv & Jaffa on the Mediterranean Coast


Leaving Jerusalem, we’ll travel west through the Bible Heartland of the Judean hills, pass by famous biblical battle grounds, and hike the historic Emmaus Road (Luke 24). Continuing west we’ll reach the modern City of Tel Aviv, enjoy the famous interactive museum and stroll along the picturesque alleyways of ancient Jaffa with an unforgettable sunset on the Mediterranean coast.

Tel Aviv Experience Israel Tour 2015Day 10 – Day off in Tel Aviv and departure back to the USA.


A day off in modern Tel Aviv. Rest, play, stroll down the beautiful boardwalk along the Mediterranean coast, and visit the famous open market Bazaar and art galleries for last minute shopping. Departure to the International airport for your flight back home.

 Shalom, and see you next year!

*Please note that this itinerary is flexible and may change in the order of activities and sites visited due to weather conditions, travel patterns, and other circumstances beyond our control, thank you.
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