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Day 1 – International Travel


Day 2 – Welcome to the Land of the Bible


Arrival at Ben-Gurion International Airport. Reception, assistance, and a beautiful drive to our hotel by the Lake of Galilee. Check in, orientation, and settle in for a good night’s rest. You are in good hands.

Day 3 – Gideon’s Fountain, Nazareth & Armageddon


Following a delicious Israeli breakfast, we will visit Gideon’s Fountain below the Hill of Moreh where Israel’s army assembled to fight the Philistines in the Jezre’el Valley, and take in the beauty of the Ein Harod springs. We will continue on to Tel Meggido (Armageddon) and explore the archeological and prophetic location in the heart of the valley of Jezre’el, the site of the final judgment of the nations. We will continue on to Nazareth Village where Jesus spent his childhood years, and after a day in the heart of the Galilee, we will return to our hotel to enjoy an evening with local Christians. Dinner and rest.

Day 4 – Lake of Galilee & Baptism

Sea of Galilee

Taking in the sites of New Testament parables and miracles around the Lake of Galilee, we’ll share a baptism service (for those interested) in the Jordan River. In ancient Capernaum we’ll visit Peter’s home where Jesus performed many miracles, continue on to the Mount of Beatitudes and travel north to Tel Dan (Caesarea Philippi) and hike to the headwaters of the Jordan. An afternoon boat ride across the Lake of Galilee will be followed by dinner & rest.

Day 5 – Mount Carmel, Caesarea & Jerusalem


Departing from the Galilee and traveling west, we will reach the port City of Haifa and ascend Mount Carmel overseeing the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea, to the summit where the Prophet Elijah confronted Baal’s prophets and called on the God who answered by fire. Worship with Israeli Messianic Believers. Traveling south through the Coastal Highway, the ancient Via Maris, to Caesarea, we will visit the restored Roman Theatre and Aqueduct and start our ascent eastward through the Judean hill country. Our day will culminates with a climactic entry into the City of Jerusalem, followed by dinner and rest in our beautiful mountaintop hotel overlooking the City God calls His own.

Day 6 – Jerusalem, the City of Gold


We will start our day ascending the Mount of Olives for a beautiful panoramic view of the city that Jesus wept over, praying over Temple Mt. where sacrifices were offered to God. Continuing on to the Garden of Gethsemane, we will take time for prayer and meditation among the ancient olive groves of the Kidron valley. During the afternoon we will walk the Via Dolorosa (the road of suffering leading to the place of crucifixion) and share Communion with worship in the Garden Tomb. Return to our hotel for dinner, rest and meeting with a Palestinian Christian Pastor.

Day 7 – Jerusalem, New & Old

Jerusalem Old City

Our morning starts at the famous Israel Museum which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls and other national treasures, continuing on to view the model replica of ancient Jerusalem and the Holocaust “Yad Vashem” memorial. We will enter the Old City through the Zion Gate, explore the archaeological garden from the times of Jesus at the Davidson Center, and continue on to the Western Wall for prayer and worship. Afternoon visit in Bethlehem, and return to our hotel for dinner and rest.

Day 8 – The Bible’s Heartland


Traveling to Shiloh’s remarkable location in the heart of Samaria where the Ark of the Covenant was housed for hundreds of years, we will enjoy a panoramic view of the biblical heartland of Samaria and the hills of Judea. Continuing through the Ayalon Valley, the site of the battle of Joshua with the Amorites, we’ll walk the Emmaus Road and visit the Biblical Garden at Yad-8, Israel’s only Messianic village. We conclude our day in the Elah Valley where David defeated Goliath and return to our hotel for a celebration banquet with an Israeli Pastor.

Day 9 – Dead Sea & Masada

Olive Trees

Traveling south from Jerusalem we will explore the famous Qumran caves and arrive at the Dead Sea, earth’s lowest point, to enjoy the dramatic landscape and swim (float actually). We will hike through David’s desert oasis of Ein Gedi and ascend by cable car to Masada, Israel’s ancient freedom fortress for an unforgettable afternoon. Return to Jerusalem for dinner and rest.

Day 10 – Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Old Bazar

We’ll enjoy ancient Jaffa, the Mediterranean boardwalk and the scenes of modern Tel Aviv. Transfer to the Ben Gurion International Airport for your departing flight.


Shalom, and see you next year!

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